Get More Instagram Followers and Likes

Effective Ways to Get Followers on Instagram

Use Instagram Filters Wisely

Instagram is what it is today, thanks in part to a series of filters to improve the pictures. The filters has the function to adjust colors of the pictures, which makes them seem better or more real. Instagram offers many filters, so you should make sure that the filter you apply actually improve the picture before using it and use the most popular filters such as Normal, Earlybird, X-Proll and Valencia.

You should not use same filters all the times or the pictures you share will begin to look the same every time you post. If the photo is perfect and needs no filter, you can use the popular hashtag #nofilter as well.


Include Different Types of Photos

Look at your homepage and scroll through the thumbnails of your photos on Instagram. Are they all the same? It is less likely to keep the users to a page which publishes the same thing over and over again. Good pages with many Instagram followers provide a variety of photos to their followers so that they can enjoy. If you usually do the same photos, consider other types of images;

•    Memes
•    Selfies
•    Quotes
•    Graffiti

Use the Video Option of Instagram

The addition of short video sharing on Instagram has made it even more popular. It allows you to import videos from your phone's gallery to the application, cutting the desired part, and just burn them directly. The video format is square and motion can fill your profile, giving it a whole new look.


The Right Time for Publication of Content

Instagram is a very popular service and most likely your Instagram followers update their homepages on a constant basis. If you want the most number of people to see your shared content, you have to publish at the right time. If you post in the hours with greater influx of people, you have more chances of being seen and get even new Instagram followers compared to other times.

•    The best time of the day to publish content is morning and after the working hours.
•    The time and more popular day of the week is Wednesday between 5 am and 6 pm.
•    2 to 3 pm rush hour is another great time of publishing on Instagram.

Keep in mind that the pictures of Instagram usually last 4 hours in the home of a person, so you should avoid publishing them in the morning or when it is impossible to see the pictures of your Instagram followers.

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